You never know what you have until you’re on the verge of losing it…

I wrote this blog entry two weeks ago…after I walked through the doors of the Allan Blair Cancer Clinic. I’ve struggled a bit with posting it. But as a financial advisor, I have an obligation to tell you how I can help you.

Sitting today in another training session talking about what we as financial advisors provide for our clients has me convinced that I need to share this with all of you. In life, you have to play offense and you MUST play defense. It’s a balance to protect your financial health and wealth. As a financial advisor, I’ve been providing clients with these types of solutions for years. I can help you protect your financial health and wealth. Your financial advisor, if it’s not me, should be doing the same thing.

Fate must have sent me on the path of providing peace of mind to people during difficult times; what I do has certainly provided peace of mind to me during this new struggle to regain my health. I bought critical illness coverage. Are you covered?

Here’s my story from two weeks ago:

Years ago when I started in the insurance business, I learned about some health insurance called critical illness. Never in my imagination did I think that I would be making a claim on those policies.

I’ve explained the importance of having this type of coverage to my clients every chance I get. “What would you do if you were diagnosed with cancer?” “How would you pay the bills?” What I often find is that some, not all, but some do not understand how delicate and precious something is until it’s taken away from you.

My health, temporarily I believe, has been taken away from me. And for the last two months I’ve been asking myself these questions above and I’ve been panicked. …And emotional. …And scared.

Today I walked through the doors of the Allan Blair Cancer Clinic with David and my mom. I never thought I’d ever be there. But this is my reality now. And for the next five years, I’ll be on regularly scheduled appointments, having radiation treatments and other necessary precautionary tests to ensure that this doesn’t come back. To hear today that I do not have to have chemotherapy was a blessing. It was a little bit of good news in the murk of all of this horrible information.

I’ve stated before that without David, and my family, and my friends, I don’t know how I could have gotten through all of this alone. And for the next five years, they will be right there with me. But the reality is, is that while I waited for my claim decision on my Critical Illness policies, I couldn’t help but be worried about my quality of life and how I would be able to handle possibly, not working.

Today I also picked up two cheques from SunLife Financial. Two policies that I will no longer pay premiums on. Two cheques that have given me the peace of mind and true comfort that we don’t have to worry about finances. I can focus on getting better without the financial worries of how the bills are going to be paid. I am truly grateful for placing a bit of money into these policies years ago that I really thought I’d never claim on…

How ironic it is that I have this peace of mind while I’m going through one of the hardest times in my life and facing an ‘about face’ to focus on me for a change and on my health. I am relieved and I have to be ready to face what lies before me.

I don’t care where you get it from but buy critical illness insurance. Buy it for you, your loved ones and place some trust in your financial advisors that they are offering you something very, VERY valuable. Your biggest asset is your health. There is nothing else in this world more important than you and your health. You have to protect it. I’m sure glad I did.

Because trust me, when your health is on the verge of being taken from you, you’ll need the resources to provide the focus you’ll need to get it back. The world truly stops spinning for some brief moments. But then, it just keeps on going…

These Critical Illness cheques are going to allow me to focus on what is most important – me and my health.


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  1. Mark Jones
    Mark Jones says:

    Well said, Dawn.

    My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family during this difficult time. Thanks for sharing.

    God bless!


  2. Shari McQueen
    Shari McQueen says:

    Dear Dawn, I am truly saddened about your serious health problems. I know you have the heart of a tigress, please put the responsibilities of city council on the back burner. Your health is the most important priority right now. You know I greatly admire and respect you. I an teach you deep meditation over the phone (396-694-0104). I will be thre for you in the spiritual way, but also in a very down to earth way. I can cooked you meals, help to clan if you need to rest, and when you want to talk, phone! I am very loyal to those I admire and would never share anything we talk about to anyone. I care very much, Shari

  3. Dawn Hunter
    Dawn Hunter says:

    Dawn – Firstly well spoken and VERY useful information, TY. Please know since the first time I ever met you I knew you had a bright spirit full of grace. I would like to extend much love, prayer and positive thoughts for a long term recovery:)! You are an amazing person and I respect you so very much. -Dawn

  4. Susan Gratto
    Susan Gratto says:

    Very well put Dawn, thank you for this and your comments last week in Winnipeg. Its time to take care of yourself,wishing you strenght as you enter into the world of treatments.


  5. Natasha PHILLIPSON
    Natasha PHILLIPSON says:

    Hello Dawn

    You will not likely know me….or remember me….I just linked onto this post on Facebook

    I graduated from grade 12 with your bother Ryan..,,,my name then was Natasha Miller… Phillipson

    I married a fellow Ryan PHILLIPSON , now a radiologist in Regina.

    We had heard of your diagnosis……

    Just wanted you to know Ryan thought he saw you at the CIBC run for the cure in Regina we participated in this year

    You as I remember we’re an amazing spirit……

    I know you will shine shine shine…,thru this most difficult and profound time

    Much blessings to you…..Merry Christmas



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