2016 Municipal Election

Four years has gone by quickly. Yesterday I filed my nomination papers to run again for Moose Jaw City Council. I believe there is more work to do. In particular, I believe it’s time for some business-minded candidates to fill the chairs and that common sense, accountability and transparency needs to be brought back to City Hall. There seems to have been more secret meetings with your elected officials in the last four years than we had in the three terms before this one. That should not continue. Examples of those meetings include the Cast Iron Water Main discussions and the multiplex issue that has now surfaced.

I pledge to provide thoughtful, business-based decision making to the floor in Council chambers. It’s time for the City to be run like a business and provide its residents with some bang for the bucks they’re spending on taxes. I will look at reducing unnecessary spending at City Hall before imposing new taxes. In all budgets, there needs to be a balance of reductions and new spending. Efficient municipal government is what every taxpayer deserves.

If you would like a lawn sign or would like to help in delivering brochures in your neighborhood, let me know.

Thank you so much for your support and I look forward to speaking with you during the election campaign.

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  1. Sandra Nixon
    Sandra Nixon says:

    I would love a sign and if you need help delivering pamphlets door to door let me know please. Would love to help. You have been a wonderful and ethical person to sit on council, and you have our vote.


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