Cool your engines please

As pieces of certain “stories” or situations hit the media in Moose Jaw, I overwhelmingly find myself wanting to tell everyone to “calm down” and please try and get both sides of the story.

Tonight, some are now worried about the status of the CPR Dam and essentially, nothing has changed. The dam is still happening. The motion that passed at Council last night was to look at the situation again, in an Executive meeting, before the RFP goes out. I will admit that I had someone tell me a bit ago that the CPR Dam is just for esthetics and that there possibly wouldn’t be as much flooding if it wasn’t there. On the flip side, Wakamow Valley, in my opinion, is probably the #1 tourist attraction in the City and I will consider the benefit of everyone in this community over a few who believe in some special interest surrounding the dam. It’s been put off for so long in the capital budget, it’s again one of those issues that should have been dealt with long ago. But, as is most basic infrastructure in our city and others, infrastructure is continually ignored for wants and one-time special interests that don’t necessarily benefit the entire community.

Then there has been the media storm started by Silver Star Salvage. They didn’t get the tender for the City landfill. It’s plain and simple. I do not believe their business revolves solely around the City landfill and in truth, you shouldn’t be trashing your metals in your garbage. It ends up in the landfill. We all could be doing our part and delivering that metal directly TO Silver Star Salvage. If everyone did that, the City wouldn’t require someone to pull it off the face of the landfill. You can drop your metals at Silver Star Salvage and onto their platform during any regular business day. You could also subscribe to Crown Shred who will take it away for you. That’s another story for another day.

And then, the Humane Society. I can’t even get into details on this one because all of our discussions on this topic have been “in-camera” or private. Just know, there are two sides to every story and for a third party board to ask for more money, we are simply asking for some more information in order to make an informed decision. I will not be bullied by anyone.

In all of these cases, I absolutely deplore the fact that fear starts to take over. Fear never works with me. If you challenge me, without all the information, I will challenge you back. I will defend my position on all aspects of these situations. I try my very best to educate myself for each and every decision. I do hope that if you read something or hear something in the news please consider that it may only be providing you with one side of the story. There is for sure only one side being reported when discussions are private and held in-camera as is the case currently with the Humane Society.

In my opinion, the City of Moose Jaw has very serious planning issues in many areas. How I would like to see things fixed is not necessarily how some of my colleagues would like to see fixes. What worries me the most though is the ignorance towards the wisdom and experience around the table with history and how things have been done in the past. I see a pattern of certain decisions and I believe I have a good perspective on what the City’s issues are. We need to lead in all areas and we are not leading. Remember, as per my previous blog post, the status-quo does not require leadership.

Further, the ignoring of the loss of jobs at Valleyview is worrisome. It was confirmed about two weeks ago that Moose Jaw is going to be losing the laundry services and those jobs are being centralized into Regina. As a member of the SUMA board, this is an ongoing theme that I’ve seen with all provincial governments, not just the current one. There is a history of moving good paying jobs from anywhere but Regina and Saskatoon. So much for supporting the entire province.

But where has our voice been on this issue? No where. In my opinion, these are the issues we should be more vocal about. This issue surrounding jobs is where this council and our mayor should be starting the engines and revving up. We stand to lose a lot more if we lose these employees to other communities.

All issues piece themselves together into a cohesive community. We need all the information to make an informed decision. Before you get concerned about an issue, please ask me about the other side. I will do my best to ensure you have all the info as well and also, my perspective. As many of these stories float around the community, let’s all educate ourselves for a better discussion.